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Is it possible to load some alternate predefined settings which are more systematic than the default?

IMHO, a window manager should stick with a single modifier (e.g. super) and use only key combinations including this modifier. So let e.g. super-1 switch do desktop 1, let shift-super-2 move the current window to desktop 2, let super-f1 open a menu, but leave alt-f1 and all others alone. I find especially control-alt-backspace for killing the X-Server a real "killer" feature, given that control-alt-\ is a common Emacs shortcut (a bit of fat-fingering and see you later).

To me it the default bindings look like a huge chaos. I always try to use keyboard as efficiently as possible in the Emacs style (Escape-Meta-Alt-Control-Shift), but it conflicts with the predefined chaos.

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Agreed, I also redefine the window management shortcuts to be based on Super. I guess the defaults are inconsistent mostly for historical reasons. –  Adam Byrtek Mar 7 '11 at 22:32
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