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This is what I get when I start up the terminal:

bash: /dev/cgroup/cpu/user/2823/tasks: No such file or directory
bash: /dev/cgroup/cpu/user/2823/notify_on_release: No such file or directory
bash: /dev/cgroup/cpu/user/2823/tasks: No such file or directory
bash: /dev/cgroup/cpu/user/2823/notify_on_release: No such file or directory

I reinstalled 10.10 yesterday because of other problems, I didn't have this error message before. I have a separate /home partition, and new installation picked up almost all of the old settings, also those which I don't like, but it looks like that is not a problem or maybe I am wrong? Wouldn't ask if I knew! :) I'll be glad to post more info if someone needs it!

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You haven't by any chance played around with that cgroups thingy, have you? – htorque Mar 7 '11 at 18:14
Yep, looks like a mucked up cgroups thingy. – psusi Mar 7 '11 at 18:35

Remove this stanza from your ~.bashrc:

if [ "$PS1" ] ; then 
    mkdir -m 0700 /dev/cgroup/cpu/user/$$
    echo $$ > /dev/cgroup/cpu/user/$$/tasks
    echo "1" > /dev/cgroup/cpu/user/$$/notify_on_release
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I haven't been playing around with cgroups,at least not intentionally.Anyway the problem is gone,don't know how or why.Thank you all!7 – sasaenator Mar 9 '11 at 12:38

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