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my system76 gazelle connects seamlessly to my public library's wifi network, but it can't recognize the wifi network at my favorite brewpub. The brewpub says to select "boundary bay apple" as the network, and several patrons showed me all the selections on their smartphones.

When I click on the wifi symbol and show network details for the library I get this: interface: 802.11 wifi (wlan0) driver: iwlwifi

I don't see anything mentioning wifi or wireless in an lspci trace, and I haven't been able to get more details about my system out of ubuntu. How can I learn what wifi hardware I'm running?

Do I need to install some apple-capable driver to augment my networking? The smartphone listings showed both "boundary bay" and "boundary bay apple" and the barmaid was adamant that I should choose the apple flavor. Of course, no networks showed up on my machine.

What details should I try to get from the brewpub people, most of whom are not very technical?

Thanks for any help getting this resolved,


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You do not need anything special to access the 'boundary bay apple' network - it's probably just an Apple AirPort unit supplying wifi. lspci should show all your hardware interfaces and iwconfig will show your wireless status. –  douggro May 12 '13 at 5:21
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