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I'd like to disable pad click. Usually it was possible in system settings under mouse and touch pad, but in Ubuntu 12.04 I can't see "touch pad" in mouse and touch pad settings...

I've installed touchpad-indicator but it seems it's not what I wanted. I don't want to disable the touchpad, just the pad click.

Is it possible that the system lacks the drivers for the touchpad? How can I check it? I can't see the touchpad with system settings > mouse and touchpad (there is only "mouse"), with synaptiks nor with pointing devices.


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Have you tried synaptiks? Although it says KDE, it works fine in Ubuntu.

Install via the software center

Under Touchpad configuration there should be some point "Tap" or similar (Sorry, I have the German version only), where you can set the mouse button that will be emulated by a tap.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks. I've installed synaptiks, but when I try to launch it, it says there is no touchpad or there is some problems with synaptiks drivers. But at the same moment, I have alert messages of system crash due to synaptiks... (executable path /usr/bin/synaptiks)... – maria May 11 '13 at 18:22

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