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I had an older version of the Doomsday engine, and I got the music and sound effects just fine. I recently upgraded to the 1.10.2 version with all the extras and although I have the sound effects, nothing I do seems to be able to get the music to play. I've Googled every possible permutation of "Doomsday" "Ubuntu" "Linux" and "Music" and I've come up empty. Anyone have any ideas?

I have the WAD files for the full commercial versions of Doom, Doom2, Heretic AND Hexen.

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I got the same problem using Linux Mint 16 and Doomsday 1.12 and I searched on doomsday engine forum, found this topic.

I downloaded and installed the addons Doom Classic Music and Doom2 Cmassic Music and now the music works fine.

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