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I installed Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS, but when I boot without using the cd the following error occurs:

Error: File not found
grub rescue>

And then I do not know what else to do, can someone help me, I need it a lot.


Eu instalei o Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS, mais ao iniciar sem utilizar o cd o erro abaixo ocorre:

Error: File not found
grub rescue>

E ai eu não sei mais o que fazer, alguém pode me ajudar estou precisando muito.

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I must reply in English. Sorry! I frequently have a similar problem. Nearly every time I have installed Ubuntu since 2011, grub is damaged and the computer won't boot. Is your boot disk an SSD?

The usual answer is to use boot-repair as in this post: grub rescue prompt after install installing Ubuntu in a dual boot You can also reinstall grub by hand, using a command terminal. This is what I do... often... but a lot of people swear by boot-repair.

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