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In Ubuntu 13.04, Nautilus no longer has an Open in new window option for folders, but only Open in new tab. How can I reenable that option?

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You can add a new context menu for this by:

sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions

Then from the Dash Search run: Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool

Define a new action (Click on the “+” in the menu bar)

Now Fill in the parameters in the Action Tab:

[x] Display Item in selection contextg menu
[x] Display item in location context menu
Context Label: “Open in New Window”
[x] Display item in the toolbar
[x] Use same label for icon in the toolbar

Now Fill in the parameters for the Command Tab:

Label: “New Window”
Path: “nautilus”
parameters: “%b”
Working directory: “%d”

Click on the Save icon. You should now have a new context item:

“Nautilus-actions actions” that will include your new “New Window” option.

I found this at:

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