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I am getting the following error while trying to use dolphin instead of Nautilus.

"Failed to execute child process "/usr/share/applications/kde4/dolphin.desktop" (Permission denied)"

I used the soultion of this to get Dolphin as the default file manager. Please guide me what next to do.

PS : tried to change permissions as well and it did not work.

Using Ubuntu 12.04

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Although this is an old question, the same happened to me recently.

The solution I found:

On command line: $exo-preferred-applications -c

In Preferred Applications dialog that opens: Utilities tab --> File Manager Change: /usr/share/applications/kde4/dolphin.desktop"%s" to just: dolphin "%s"

An alternative solution may be to completely remove the exo-utils package

(Note: I am running KDE, but the Default Applications section in KDE System Settings had no effect (was already set to Dolphin). The application exo-preferred-applications appears to be from the xfce desktop environment.)

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