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I had installed 12.10 on my lenovo ideapad z560 laptop at work last week. I use it together with an external monitor and everything was working fine and then today I upgraded the distribution to 13.04. Now when I plug in the external monitor, after a while the display on both screens freeze (seemingly) randomly. I did a google search and found this. I also tried the suggestion given in comment#14 on that link, which is basically adding this ppa to the repositories list and installing the packages in it. But when I checked on synaptic, no packages of the name xserver-xorg-input-evdev_2.6.99.901-1ubuntu3 were included.

Another comment on the first link I provided said it might be related to chromium, but I verified that this also happened when I was using firefox instead.

I cannot seem to find any other fixes, so I'm stuck at this point. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Here the author also mentions the same ppa I gave a link to in the question, but also actually gives direct links to the packages, but the links are dead. – rendekarf May 10 '13 at 12:23