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Completely new user here, I've been reading for a couple of hours about ubuntu's full disk encryption but I just don't understand some basic points.

When installing ubuntu's full disk encryption, what happens to other drives that you have on the computer? Do you have to encrypt them separately using cryptsetup or truecrypt? And, if so, is there any way around having to enter each of their passwords each time you login? I have 4 different drives and it would be nice to just have one master password instead of having to enter 5 each time.

If all the drives are encrypted during ubuntu installation what happens if you want to keep the data on them (the only option I see is to erase disk and install ubuntu).

At the moment I have ubuntu installed on an SSD with the other drives mounted as media, I plan on doing a re-install with full disk encryption if the process is simple enough.

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The process is simple enough for sure.. thats what made me use it the first time i installed Quantal. THe problem is when the system crashed during some nvidia installation fiddling, I could not recover the encrypted partitions with anything I could try at that point of time. Even some previously trustworthy linux distros failed me on this one. –  charlie May 10 '13 at 4:26

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