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I have just purchased a WD Elements 2TB Desktop External Hard Drive online, and as I sometimes do (as I am new to Ubuntu), I forgot to check if it compatible with Ubuntu. I called WD and they said it may work--I googled it and could not find a simple answer. If anyone knows (or has personal experience with this product) if this is compatible with Ubuntu v12.04 (i.e. plug it in and it works), please let me know. If it involves messing with the USB compatibility or something along those lines, if someone could layout some simple steps that would be awesome (if it is too complicated then don't worry about it). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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Why shouldn't it? We cannot troubleshoot a problem that may or may not happen. If you have a problem with the USB drive, ask a question with the details of the problem and copy the error message if any. – user68186 May 9 '13 at 20:53 some wd drives have extra stuff that needs diabling befor using on linux... – Mateo May 9 '13 at 22:16

It should work. I have a 3TB Seagate external drive, and it works OK. I went a head and formatted it as Ext4, and having no problems whatsoever. So as far as your drive, if you have no data on it, go ahead and format it as Ext4.

But if you're planning on using it with Windows as well. create an MS-DOS partition table and formatting as NTFS.

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I'm not an expert but have been using Linux for 7 years now and never ever had an incompatibility issue with hard drives in Linux. I own two WD disks myself (a WD Elements 250Gb and some other 2TB model) and never had the slightest issue. Real plug and play. I must say that I also always format the drives in the xfs file format but that's just a personal preference and done after I know the drive workes. This will most likely void your warranty.

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