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I've recently formatted the entire system and installed Ubuntu 13.04. Everything is working well, except for bluetooth (and occassional compiz crashes). When I open bluetooth application, it shows "No Bluetooth Adapters Found" I tried installing a package called Bluetooth Support and also the application BlueMan, but still, the adapter is not being detected.

The output of dmesg | grep bluetoothshows up empty.

Is there any way I could enable the adapter? There is also no bluetooth indicator in the panel.


More Info: I had tried to install lamp server using tasksel, but ended up uninstalling a lot of packages. I forced quit the process and Ubuntu prompted me with a "repair" dialogue, which I used to reinstall the packages. I don't know if the bluetooth problem is related to this incident. I checked the list of packages removed during this process using the "History" feature in Software Centre, but didn't see any package with the name bluetooth.

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