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I have installed honeyd on my machine and configured the appropriate settings to get it to run as a service. The service will run fine and functions as expected if I start it with command:

sudo service honeyd start

However, the service does not automatically start when I reboot the machine.

I have run the command

sudo update-rc honeyd defaults

And I receive the output "System start/stop links for /etc/init.d/honeyd already exist."

I have attempted to find any useful log information on the failure to start with

more /var/log/* | grep honeyd

The results of this search show the output of the service starting and stopping when I do so manually, but no events are listed during bootup of the machine, leading me to believe it is not even attempting to start.

I can post the contents of the various honeyd configuration files if needed, though I believe they are correctly setup since I can start the service manually.

Any guidance is most appreciated.

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