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What command should I give to make a program run in a (new) terminal window?

Background: I want to add another right-click option to Peazip which will pass the selected par2 file to the (installed) program par2, but I want it to run in a terminal, rather than the in the background.


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If you want to run a specific terminal emulator (e.g. xterm, konsole, gnome-terminal, etc.), just look for its command-line arguments.

For example, to run console utility htop in Konsole (KDE's default terminal), type:

konsole -e /bin/sh -c htop

(You may want to add --hold argument to prevent Konsole closing immediately after process stops.)

To be more detailed: the above command runs konsole which runs /bin/sh interpreter inside itself, and the interpreter runs htop command inside itself.

Arguments of most popular terminal emulators are pretty similar, try these:

xterm -e /bin/sh -c htop
lxterminal -e /bin/sh -c htop
xfce4-terminal -e "/bin/sh -c htop"
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Thank you, that's great. Is there a way of setting the new terminal window to show the command that has been passed to it? In your example: htop – user157109 May 9 '13 at 12:22

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