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i would like to ask about the graphic card driver on linux. from on my experience here is, im having a laptop with a HD6320 from E-450 APU, which is belong to my friend and i install it an Xubuntu 13.10 on it (From what i know the default installation of some Linux Distribution, the Xorg driver for graphic cards will be installed by default. ), then i install a compiz and Docky included.
First try on it until a weeks it was good, the Docky hover movement is smooth and wobbly windows also. Then after i know that's all, i try to install the Proprietary driver one that been provided by AMD officially. after all the installation runs good and reboot, i notice at the Docky bar, some of transparent (Alpha) part having a black background and when i hover a some buttons on Docky, its lagging about maybe 5-20 fps. And the Wobbly Windows from Compiz did have some lag too, but i notice it that it isn't quite a big lag.
My question in here based from my experience, does the Proprietary driver is really that bad? or it is just i am?....
And do you guys also have a same problems as mine with a different builds as mine?...
Should i need to stick back again with Xorg driver (open-source)?

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Ideally it should be opposite.. –  Web-E May 9 '13 at 10:50

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