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How can I make a keyboard shortcut for "Open a terminal here" in Nemo?

I am finding the "Files" manager formerly known as nautilus that comes with Ubuntu 13.04 to be too crippled to bother using anymore, and I have switched to Nemo file manager with good results so far. There's just one thing I'm missing, a customisable keyboard shortcut to Open in Terminal in the current location.

The method that I use for nautilus doesn't work any longer because I have no key for can-change-accels related to nemo, and neither do I see "Open in Terminal" in the File Menu drop down. It is, however in the right click menu in Nemo.

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Can you look around in the file ~/.gnome2/accels/nemo for a line with 'terminal' in it or similar. I don't personally use nemo, but you can also see this question: Customize nemo keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu 13.04

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