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I have a new Samsung series 7 chronos, I've just installed Ubuntu 13.04. But I can't get bluetooth to connect to my mouse or keyboard.

I installed Blueman Bluetooth Manager from the software center. I have a Belkin bluetooth mouse and a Microsoft bluetooth mobile keyboard 6000. They both work fine with my old MacBook (Mac OS).

Bluetooth Manager can find the devices, it lists them together with their MAC address. If I press buttons on them then I get three little graphs on the right of the screen showing signal strength or something. They look fine, levels between 1/3 and 2/3 of full.

For the mouse I click Setup, and Proceed Without Pairing. It says "Congratulations, device successfully added". But the mouse won't work, regardless of which other buttons I press (trust, pairing, etc). If I try to pair it asks me to enter a number, obviously I can't on a mouse, so it fails.

For the keyboard I click Setup and Proceed without pairing. Then I get the option to connect to "Input Service" or "Don't Connect", If I choose "Don't Connect" I get the message "Congratulations device successfully added", if I choose "Input Service" I either get "Device added and connected successfully" or "Device added successfully, but failed to connect". In all cases it won't let me type anything. If I try to pair and type in a pin then it doesn't recognise that I've typed anything, and fails.

I've looked all over and can't find a solution. Please could someone suggest a procedure I could work through to find the problem? Thanks.

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