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While re-discovering Shotwell after upgrading to Ubuntu 13.04, I started organizing my photo album for real. I quickly noted that I prefer a quite wide classification of events, so that one event usually spans many days (sometimes even weeks - a vacation trip, for example). Shotwell handles this very nicely by displaying the first and last dates of photos in the event - but it still sorts the events by month in the side bar:

enter image description here

Since these events often span over month boundaries (even if it's just August 29 to September 3) I'd rather just have all the events sorted by year. However, I can't find any settings related to this. Is there a way to change this view?

Note: I don't care about folder structure on the file system here - that I have setup just as I want it. This is just the event browser inside Shotwell.

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Acutally, a version where it only shows all the events, sorted by name, is also fine. Maybe even better. – Tomas Lycken May 9 '13 at 1:07

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