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I am running Ubuntu 13.04 on a Dell machine and I want to have the exact same keyboard layout as I have on my other machine, which is a Macbook Pro with an International English keyboard. On the Mac I have the keyboard set to US Extended.

On Ubuntu I have the layout set to English (Macintosh) which gives me this layout: English (Macintosh) layout on Ubuntu

However what I really want is an exact copy of the US Extended on my Mac, which looks like this:

US Extended layout on OSX

And with the following modifiers with the alt key pressed:

US Extended layout on OSX (alt key pressed)

The layouts are similar but there are small differences, in particular producing the character ˙ modifier on Mac is Alt-w, while under Ubuntu it's Alt-h. I've tried all the English layouts on Ubuntu but none match this exactly. Any suggestions? I'm not adverse to writing a layout config myself, if that's what it takes, but a few pointers would be welcome!

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You can experiment with this:… --- beware, it is an exercise in patience. – Rmano Sep 2 '14 at 14:24

The best thing for you is to learn the keyboards of each world ... because by using a pc keyboard on a mac or a mac keyboard on a pc you'll restrict yourself on the real use of the machine.

After a simple search those links answer to your question, you'll just have to apply it to your needs :

How to configure a keyboard on Ubuntu (simple way but may not fit your specific needs) :

and the hard one (but the one that I think will answer to your need) :

Best regards.

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