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I have an Xubuntu (upgraded now to 13.04) machine and I want to keep my Xubuntu desktop available whilst creating a user for my children to use Edubuntu.

I've installed edubuntu-desktop, and I've created a user account for my children to log in with.

When I go to the login screen though, edubuntu is not listed as a session type. Ubuntu is (and launches a normal Ubuntu experience), as is Gnome, Gnome fallback, Xubuntu, Xfce and ChromiumOS (been playing with that).

I didn't look at the sessions list before I installed edubuntu, but I think the ubuntu option is new.

How I'd like it set up:

Machine logs into edubuntu on startup without login prompt using children's account, and from a ctrl-alt-f* terminal I can log in as my own account (with password) and start xfce in x from the commandline.

How can I achieve this?

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