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I have a unique problem and though I have tried to solve it on my own I couldn't...

The problem is as follows:

  • Please take a backup of your files before you attempt to solve the problem.
  • If you right click on the documents folder or downloads folder on the desktop then a menu opens.
  • Out of the many menu options, two options are there, namely copy and move to.
  • If you click on either of the two options a sub menu appears with other options: home or desktop.
  • If you select home then a dialog box appears asking if you want to merge the folders.
  • If you click to merge the folders, the documents folder changes its appearance. It appears as a document with a lock on the top right corner and cross on the bottom right corner.

Now the document folder is not opening. it also shows that it's not a folder.

How can I revert back to the original document folder?

If you want I could send screen shots of the problem.

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From what you have described it looks like you tried to copy/move the Document folder to its original location: Home. You cannot merge the original folder with itself. – user68186 May 8 '13 at 15:56
@user68186 ur correct but how do i undo it????? – Shyam May 9 '13 at 0:42

You could try to:

  • First, using the menu actions you have already described, move the document folder to an alternate location.
  • For example, you could create a new subfolder on the desktop, or within another path, or perhaps on another drive.
  • Then, once the document folder has been removed from your desktop, you could move it again, from the alternate location, back to the desktop.

Also, some other things you could look at, and try:

  • View the desktop folder in a file browser or command-line shell to see if document shows as a folder or not.
  • On the desktop, try to rename the document folder to some other name to see if it is restored to be accessed as a folder.

In the end, if this functionallity has been corrupt, you may have to create a new user and move (or copy) all your existing home/desktop files to the new user, and then delete the "corrupt" user.

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