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I have installed the Ubuntu touch SDK the way it is advised on the Ubuntu dev website (with sudo apt-get install ubuntu). I'm using Ubuntu 13.04.

The problems/symptoms are the following :

  1. When I run a new QML project, I've got QT creator saying : "QQmlComponent: Component is not ready"

  2. When I create a new project and run it using the "Tabbed UI" preset, I can't swipe between tabs with a left to right or right to left gesture.

  3. When I create a new Ubuntu Touch QML project, I can't use QT Designer. QT Designer's main frame remains empty. However, if I start a new QT Quick project, then I can use QT Designer.

I don't now if those problems are linked, the most important one being not able to use QT Designer.


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Please ask one single question per post, which makes it easier to answer. In any case:

  1. This is due to bug 1154980
  2. This might be related to bug 1166709
  3. Currently Ubuntu SDK components are not supported in the designer, but supporting them is on the roadmap
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Thanks, that answers my question. I'm sorry,I feared these issues were linked (for e.g caused by a bad SDK installation) that's why I posted them together. – titou May 8 '13 at 17:58

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