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As you can already tell, I am a Ubuntu newbie...trying to make the big switch from Windows to Linux. I installed Ubuntu 13.04 on a partition aside from Windows. I was waiting for a prompt to ask me which OS to choose from but when I started my computer, Ubuntu loaded up automatically. I would like to have the option of choosing the loaders on Windows (white font, black background) and not the Ubuntu one (white font, purple background).

Thank you.

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Do you see the choice of Ubuntu and Windows 7 in white font purple background when the computer boots? – user68186 May 8 '13 at 3:15
So you want to use 'Windows boot loader' instead of 'Grub'? Is it possible to boot Ubuntu using the Windows bootloader?. – Basharat Sialvi May 8 '13 at 3:20

Can explain a little more in detail what you mean "Ubuntu loaded up automatically" step-by-step.

It sounds a first glance that you may need repair you GRUB bootloader or simply re-install it.

Go on this page and read under "How-to".

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Open Dash (the ubuntu icon at the top of the bar on the left), search for "Terminal" and open it. Type in sudo update-grub there will be a prompt asking for password, just enter your user's password. After you reboot there will be a list of available operating systems, Ubuntu at the top, Windows at the bottom.

For more information about update-grub or any other command run in terminal man <command> where command==any package like update-grub or anything other program.

Welcome to Linux.

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