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I need help making a script that would do this

This is what I would do manually in terminal (I will be using the .getmusic script from 360 percents to download myspace music):

cd /home/eric/Music

to make sure music gets downloaded to /home/eric/Music:


I would like to be able to enter the clipboard text automatically (I don't know how to) in place of "Artist"

music is downloaded to /home/eric/Music in .mp3 format

scp -r /home/eric/Music/* root@

copies music to Ipod via SSH

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It's not really efficient to scp all files in ~/Music, especially if the folder gets big. – Lekensteyn Mar 6 '11 at 9:26
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Create and make it executable (chmod +x

cd /home/eric/Music
/home/eric/ "$*"
scp -r /home/eric/Music/* root@


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