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Yesterday I installed ubuntu 13.04 on my pc. Previously there was two windows 7 installations. One on a HDD and another an SSD. I brought the pc from a friend and it came with one 2TB HDD. I removed an SSD I had in a laptop which I was using at the time and took it out and sold the laptop. I reformated the SSD and installed windows to the SSD.

This left me with two windows 7 installations and the pc would go to a dual boot dialog then boot the SSD.

Yesterday when I installed ubuntu I formatted the partition with the old windows installation on the HDD. After doing so I can't access windows. Also ubuntu is completely unusable. I think it may be a driver issue. Sometimes when it crashes it says something about a GPU Lock Up and nouveau drivers. I have a gtx 580. I know there is an alternative nVidia driver but I can't access the internet and I found some apt-get commands to get it that way. When I go to select wifi it crashes. When I go to open a drive it crashes and I also found a .run file which I can't copy to the pc because it gets 2/3 of the way and locks up.

I need help installing the nvidia driver as i'm pretty sure that's what's causing the issue there and then once i've done that can someone also point me to a guide where I can put Windows 7 into the GRUB menu?

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Do you need to preserve the Windows install on the HDD? If not that makes this a lot easier. You may also consider running the 2nd Windows in a VM if possible, that would also make this much easier. –  Freedom_Ben May 7 '13 at 17:27
askubuntu.com/questions/13993/… Try the information on the above link (pretty much a duplicate), that will allow you to connect to the Internet via. Terminal. You could also try going to the right nVidia page for your graphics card and downloading the installer for Ubuntu/Linux there and then transferring it via. USB Stick to your broken computer and installing it. If you don't know where the right page is, tell me what your card is. –  Ads20000 May 7 '13 at 17:30
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