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I have difficulties to understand swap policy. I have installed system (ubuntu 13.04 but 12.10 had same issue) with 4gb of swap partition because ux31a has 4 gb of memory.

Problem is that every time system run out of memory and starts to write to swap it stops to respond. Freezes for like 5 min.

So I thought after some readings that maybe I should set swapiness to 10 and I did. After system went out of memory - same issue.

Then I read SSD should not have any swap and I have set to turn swap off when system starts

Now I have swap turned off and my free -m looks like:

             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:          3840       3340        499          0         33       1293
-/+ buffers/cache:       2013       1827
Swap:            0          0   

Unfortunately problem remains unsolved. Looks like buffers/cache eat all memory and when memory gets to 0 I have exactly same issue. I thought buffers/cache should automatically free some memory when needed, but I think it doesn't

What can I do to avoid system freezes?

additional information: when system freezes after a while it may respond to some commends and I was able to get to console on different session (ctrl + alt + f1) and run "top". First processes kswapd0, kworkers have eaten whole CPU.

Thank you in advance for your help

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I had also issues with kworker eating whole memory. This seemed to help, run as root:

echo N > /sys/module/drm_kms_helper/parameters/poll

There are also other post about it on internet

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Robert solution does not work on 13.04, any other idea? – Mateusz Juraszek Aug 27 '13 at 6:57

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