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I checked How do I disable mouse magnet on middle edge with multi monitors? but it doesn't work for me.

I have two monitor and want to disable the edge resistance and sticky to the edges in Ubuntu 13.04.

I set Sticky Edges to OFF in Displays.

With CompizConfig I set:

  • overcome_pressure=1
  • Edge stop velocity=1
  • Duration of Sticky Edge realease=1

I also disabled Snapping Windows.

Even so, I'm still feeling resistance when moving between monitors. Also, the windows are attracted to the edges when I move closer.

Could this be a bug or there are more steps I need to configure to disable such behaviours?


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so... where in CompizConfig did you find those settings?? – drevicko Aug 9 '13 at 0:38

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Writing up an answer filling in some of the gaps in OP's steps.

First you probably want to follow the steps in this related question. The first did not work for me on Ubuntu 14.04, but these seem to have.

Where do I find a setting in CompizConfig Manager?

Advanced Search > Settings value will solve this.

overcome_pressure is in Ubuntu Unity Plugin. Set to 1.
Edge Stop Velocity is in Ubuntu Unity Plugin. Set to 1.
Duration of Sticky Edge Release after Break is in Ubuntu Unity Plugin. Set to 1.

Lastly follow Workarounds > Window Stickiness and remove Any.

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Holy crap this actually worked. Thanks. The accepted answer does nothing. This should be the accept answer. – Cerin Apr 29 at 19:01
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The problem lies in the Workarounds compiz plugins.

Besides all the normal steps, described in my question, you need to remove Workarounds\Windows stickness\Any

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