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Running Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 x64. I set up Empathy with Facebook and Google Accounts, and I sent my PC to Standby, then it showed my FB Accounts was disconnected. Couldn't open Online Accounts (of Gnome) since then. When I start gnome-control-panel via Terminal, and go to Online Accounts, I get this:

beryju@beryju-i3:~/.config$ gnome-control-center online-accounts
ERROR:empathy-user-info.c:252:fill_contact_info_grid: assertion failed: (spec != NULL)
Aborted (core dumped)
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Try this workaround:

In order to overcome this I set my status to "Offline", after that I am able to manage accounts by pressing "F4" than I change my status back to "Available"


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Thank you very use full for me – Poovizhirajan.N Sep 6 '13 at 10:14

I solved it with

sudo apt-get remove empathy shotwell
#Add the account again
sudo apt-get install empathy shotwell
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