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Hi I have a HP Elite 7300 series desktop PC with EFI bios, no legacy bios option. I have created following partitions on my 80GB disk and installed Ubuntu 13.04. EFI partition is flagged as boot. I have selected Something else option and selected first ext4 as / partition and second ext4 as /home. Installation went fine and rebooted my PC but did not boot. Rebooted with my USB again and tried to run Boot-Repair. It did run without any problem but again I was not able to boot again: gparted disk map Here is the report generated by Boot-Repair:
I am frustrated. please help.

Edit: 13.04 sucks! Returning to 12.10
Edit 2
I have used an other PC with legacy bios to install Ubuntu 13.04 on my hard drive and then pluged in to my efi bois PC. Now it works.

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  • Find an other pc with legacy bios
  • Install Ubuntu 13.04 on your hard drive
  • Than plugin your hard drive back to pc with efi bios.
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