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ASUS windows 8 desktop dual boot is not working -

After I download tbe ubuntu ISO file and burn onto a CD , and select the boot sequence priority as CD , it won't come up. Showing that

load valid one into boot device.

Help is appreciated..

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This guide should be helpfull:
have you tried the boot menu?
32bit will not boot with 'secure boot' enabled in the bios, if a system has a windows 8 sticker it has the option and is enabled

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The installer doesn’t recognize Windows 8 partition, so you can’t use the straight-forward install Ubuntu alongside with Windows option during setup.

Turn on the PC and boot into Windows 8. Create a new partition for Ubuntu installation.

If you don't know how create a partition within Windows, follow the steps toward the bottoms of this link.

Once you do that, reboot to CD, though a USB mount is preferred as it is much quicker than the conventional CD/DVD method.

If you continue to have problems after creating a partition for it then I'd definitely try the USB approach, rule out any errors with your CD image.

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