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I am a total beginner to Ubuntu. I have tried to install Ubuntu on my 320 gb hard disk and am stuck at the partition page.

The problem is, Ubuntu is not showing all the partitions. When I run the live CD and try to see all the drives these are not present.

I have presently 4 drives, C: 58 GB D: 48 GB E: 87 GB and F: 102 GB. The F: drive is not shown; at the time of installing it does not show any of the drives, just a chunk of 257 GB, hence I am unable to install Ubuntu on my D: drive. On the C: drive, Windows 7 64 bit is installed.

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What is the F drivee, Storage? Recovery ? –  RobertPitt Mar 5 '11 at 13:35
If you can't see any partitions it usually means that the installer is not able to parse the disk's partition table due to some inconsistency there. If this is true then you are basically out of luck. If you want to be sure and you want to devote your time to this, try running the boot_info_script and post the results here. sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript –  arrange Mar 5 '11 at 16:52
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