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There seem to be some HDMI PCIe video capture cards around, but only some of them are stated to support Linux, and those are often stated to not support Video4Linux. So how to capture then?

Does anyone know a Video4Linux supporting device to capture HDMI?

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For anyone coming to this page from Google:

For EDITING video: To capture HDMI content in Ubuntu, you can use HDMI capture USB boxes (such as Magewell XI100DUSB-HDMI) or HDMI PCI cards (such as Blackmagic Intensity Pro).

Also, you may need to use a Linux-centric video solution such as ShotCut if you want these cards to work well.

For LIVE STREAMING video: The above-mentioned cards might work but will require gstreamer in-between to make the Intensity Pro's inputs available in V4L(2).

Also, please note that for any of this to work, your video has to come out in unprotected mode (non-HDCP), otherwise your capturing won't show any video/audio.

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