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Transmission-daemon has worked perfectly on a small headless server for a long time. However, it currently gives me the following error:

transmission-daemon Error loading config file -- exiting. (daemon.c:462)

Due to problems with permissions, all daemons are running as the user "robots" All config files are owned by "robots" and by the group "robots" of which I am a member.

For debugging purposes I tried running the daemon under my own account

transmission-daemon -f --log-debug -g /etc/transmission-daemon/

the daemon started succesfully without errors. From this I conclude that the configfile itself is OK. (I also tested this by substituting




The results remain the same; the daemon runs without errors. The config files in /etc/transmission-daemon /etc/init.d/ and /etc/defaults/ are all working fine when the daemon is running under my name.

I changed the permissions of the /etc/transmission-daemon/ and all the files and folders within to 777, and changed the owner and group back to robots. (because running the daemon under the name "lars" changes the ownership of the configfiles to "lars".

chmod 777 -R /etc/transmission-daemon/
chown robots:robots -R /etc/transmission-daemon/

chmod 777 /etc/defaults/transmission-daemon
chown robots:robots /etc/defaults/transmission-daemon

without succes... the daemon exits with the same error as stated above.

I don't know what I'm missing here, does anybody have an idea?

Thanks in advance

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Problem solved!

The folder


als needs to be owned by the correct user, so in addition to the commands stated in my question above:

sudo chown -R robots:robots /var/lib/transmission-daemon/ 

Replace the user "robots" and the group "robots" to the names used on your system.

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Debian users may take a look at file: /lib/systemd/system/transmission-daemon.service to verify the required user is also set in that file.

Then, verify the home directory for that user because the configuration will then be read from ~/.config/transmission-daemon/

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Hmm, debian isn't really on topic here... – anonymous2 Jul 8 at 13:49

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