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What is the best quality Apple IIGS emulator for Ubuntu that is relatively easy to install?

I have tried KEGS, but get the following (working without probs on my Windows partition):

Preparing X Windows graphics system

Visual 0

id: 00000021, screen: 0, depth: 24, class: 4

red: 00ff0000, green: 0000ff00, blue: 000000ff


size: 256, bits_per_rgb: 8 Chose visual: 0, max_colors: -1

Will use shared memory for X

pipes: pipe_fd = 4, 5 pipe2_fd: 6,7 open /dev/dsp failed, ret: -1, errno:2

parent dying, could not get sample rate from child

ret: 0, fd: 6 errno:11

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This is likely because KEGS uses the OSS sound system; it is originally a port from HP-UX, and most of the other Linux sound APIs do not exist on other Unix variants. Try one of the following:

padsp kegs

aoss kegs

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Have you tried KEGS from Sourceforge ?

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See edit above, thanks. – xiaohouzi79 Mar 5 '11 at 23:12

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