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how can I copy all files, with different extensions, from several different subdirectories, into one main folder?

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If you're not wanting to keep the directory structure and just want to move all the files into one folder, you can do something like this.

find /src/folder/1 /src/folder/2 -type f -exec cp {} /path/to/destination/ \;

This will find every file -type f from the given source folders, then execute the -exec command on them. In this case, you want to copy cp them into the destination folder.

Keep in mind, this will fully traverse the source folders recursively. If you want to only go deep a certain level into the source directories, use the -maxdepth options on the find command.

find /src/folder/1 /src/folder/2 -type f -maxdepth 2 -exec cp {} /path/to/destination/ \;
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find ./ -type f -exec cp '{}' ./ \;
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