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Just installed Dual-Boot Ubuntu 13.04 on my self-built Windows 8 Pro PC, and after the installation I restarted, and once I was prompted with Grub 2.0 I tried to boot off of windows 8, and a few seconds after I selected the OS it would restart my computer entirely. I am clueless when it comes to Linux entirely as I am a gamer and video editor it is not the best option for my needs, but all of my friends have been telling me to dual-boot so I did. I am very afraid of loosing all of my data on my hard drive and such because a large portion of my job is done on that hard drive.

I installed Windows 8 first, and I installed Ubuntu on my 80 Gigabyte hard disk drive. I would just like to know how to either uninstall Ubuntu and Grub entirely or just boot with Windows 8 Normally.

System Information:

System Processor: Intel Core Duo 6700 2.66 Ghz
Graphics Processor: Sapphire AMD 5570 1GB GDDR3
Motherboard: ABit AB9 Pro
Storage: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Green, 500GB, 80GB

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If you have a windows repair cd, this can do the trick maybe. But you won't lose your data, its just accessing the drive that a little messed up.

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In your BIOS, try disabling SecureBoot. See for more information.

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