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I bought a new laptop (Asus x201) and I wanted to install Ubuntu as a Dual boot or just Ubuntu (so delete Win8), and there are everywhere problems. It started that while booting Win 8 I cannot even access the bios menu. After researching there is only a so called "UEFI". I need to access the BIOS so I can use my external DVD drive for the Ubuntu or other linux CDs/DVD, but somehow it did not work

I did some more research and find out that Win 8 does not suppport Ubuntu installer so I uninstalled windows and wiped the hard drive. As my external DvD drive is not working I followed the instruction to make a Liveusb.

I can access it while booting ad4 options are given

Try Ubuntu
INstall Ubuntu
OEM install
Check disc for defect

I tried all of them but nothing works. When I choose one of the 4 option nothing happens, just a black screen. I also can access the gnu grub but I don't know what to do!

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possible duplicate of Ubuntu on Asus F201E – Mitch May 9 '13 at 7:27

You can access the bios during boot with F2.

You must install Ubuntu secure 64 for EFI system

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