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Is there a way of showing stats abut the whole Darktable system? I would be interested in things like...

  • number of images
    • by camera
    • by file type
  • current queue stats
    • how many (if any) images still need to be indexed
  • how much space is taken up by
    • thumbnails
    • image fingerprints
    • metadata
    • ...
  • live stats:
    • CPU usage
    • GPU usage (seems to me more important for this application anyway)
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could somebody please create a Darktable tag? thats the only one that I would have chosen if it existed... – black_puppydog May 4 '13 at 12:47
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I wrote a script for that particular task. Based upon bash with a bit of sqlite3.

Requirements to query against the darktable-library:

sudo apt-get install sqlite3


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