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I am currently trying out Darktable. Coming from Digikam I am confused about several things, the most prominent for me being:

Does Darktable manage my files on disk?

In Digikam, I define a collection folder where all my files will be stored and then when I import Images from a Camera, folder, SDcard, $whatever it will copy them over to my collection and apply different operation like EXIF renaming in the process. Afterwards I can be sure to find all my files in the collection folder in the format I wanted.

So, does Darktable do that, too? To me it has more of a look that it just manages files I import without everr eally touching them. If so, what are my options for organizing the disk/folder/file part of my collection? Relying only on Darktables collection mechanisms for organizing my collection seems like a "vendor lock in" to me in that it makes migrating to a different product later on way harder than if all metadata is stored in the actual image files and the files are neatly sorted in folder and such.

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Darktable only offers image manipulation and tagging operations, file management must be done in other applications

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