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i have downloaded ubuntu to give it a go on a spare pc.

i followed the instructions and set up a dvd. it works and brings up the demo page if you put it in a pc already booted up, but i can not get it to boot from the dvd.

i have set my bios to book from dvd drive, but all i get is a blank screen except for a couple of random images at the bottom. nothing happens even after 30 minutes of leaving it. i tried booting from a usb by my pc won't allow me to do that.

i'll re-download the file again tonight (VERY slow broadband"!) and try again tomorrow but can't see that'll make a difference if it is already working on a booted computer

any thoughts as to why i can't get the pc to boot from the dvd?



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What are the specs on the PC you are using? Make and model would be helpful too. –  Mitch May 3 '13 at 18:16
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