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Not sure where to post this really, as it could be PHP specific or more for Superuser.

I've just moved my testing environment into a VirtualBox running Ubuntu Server 12.04. Works like a dream apart from one niggle; the Document root in PHP scripts points to /var/www/ and not /var/www/site1/.

Is there a way round this? Apart from amending hundreds of pages of include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] .

I have multiple sites all running through /sitesavailable/ each one is configured as per default, only with the DocumentRoot set to /var/www/site1, /var/www/site2, etc.

Now, this is where I differed from my previous configurations on LAMP servers. I decided to run group permissions on the /var/www/ folder and handle everything in this one semi-open location – instead of holding the sites in ~user/home/sites/ – as this is only a local development environment. Therefore there are no symlinks or public_html files; just the directories for each site.

Perhaps, I should change this as per previous configurations to a different directory, in user/home/ – as this worked. However, I'm as stubborn. Surely, there is a work-around and I'm just missing the fundamental thing... knowledge... can anyone help?

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