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Here's the deal: I use the lastfm package to listen my Last.FM (duh)... And I want to show some notify-osd notifications when a new music starts.

As long the program don't supports it, I want to create a shell script that will monitor the window title of the lastfm player and send a notification when it changes.

What do you think? How can I start?

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You can check the title of an open window using wmctrl:

$ wmctrl -lx | grep "" | grep -Po "(?<=$HOSTNAME ).*$"
Insomnium – Death Walked the Earth

Watching the title using this method would require the script to periodically poll for changes, though, which would be messy and inefficient.

A smarter approach would be to wait for some kind of event generated by the player. A D-Bus interface or similar API would be ideal, but I don't see any documentation suggesting one exists. As a next-best alternative, you can try watching the terminal output for information on what the player is doing:



while read line; do
    if [ $grabnextline = 1 ]; then
        title="$(echo "$line" | cut -d\" -f2)"
        wget -O "$albumart" "$(grep -A 10 "<title>$(echo "$title" | awk -F ' – ' '{print $2}')" ~/.local/share/ | grep -Eo "http://.*\.(jpg|png)" | sed 's/174s/64s/' | sed 's/jpg/png/')"
        notify-send "$title" --icon "$albumart"
    if [[ "$line" = *ScrobblerManager::nowPlaying* ]]; then
done < <( /usr/bin/lastfm 2>&1 )

rm "$albumart"


It's still an ugly hack, but it gets the job done.

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Great approach! Thank you! :) – TiuTalk Mar 6 '11 at 4:13

Which player do you use for . Many application use dbus to notify events. You would need to catch them in script.

Like following page has a example on how to use catch Rhythmbox song change.

Trace Rhythmbox track change using dbus

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