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I just upgraded to 13.04 from 12.10 and discovered I was unable to connect to my home wireless network even though I can detect the network (and neighboring networks). However, I was able to connect via an ethernet cable to the router.

I noticed quite a few people were having similar issues and was wondering if anybody had reached a breakthrough. I tried disabling and re-enabling the wireless card, rebooting the computer, and rebooting the router all to no avail.

Some miscellaneous facts:

  • I am running a Broadcom 4313 wireless card and my computer is a Dell N5010.
  • My region is USA.
  • When I upgraded to 12.10, I had to reinstall the driver set for bcmwl.
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Some problem with Broadcom 43142, after up-date from 12.10 to 13.04,

For Broadcom 4313 take a look to this or this

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