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I have a small problem which i liked to be solved.

my (Hardware-)configuration:

  • Asus motherboard with 1 connector for ethernet(eth0)
  • PCI network card with 2 connectors for ethernet(eth2 & eth3) (eth3 has no cable plugged in)

my (software-)configuration:

  • (main) Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • (Virtual) Windows 7 x64 with Vmware Workstation 9

i dedicated my ubuntu and my webserver to use eth0.(that is the idea). and mine W7 to use eth2.(this is a bridged connection to eth2).

but to make my webserver work, i have to disconnect my eth2. i looked for some info but i only came across "ifconfig eth2 down". which doesnt help, because it shuts down the port, instead of the connection, and because of that my VM will lose connection as well.

what is a similair command to "ifconfig eth2 down" that only disconnects the network.

the result should look like this enter image description here

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