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I was trying to port Ubuntu Touch for my HTC Incredible S. I had setup the source code and drivers. During build, I am getting error that the build can be executed only on 64-bit computer.

When I searched for my laptop model spec, I found that it is 32-bit. What is the restriction in building on 32-bit machine? Is there a possibility to build it on 32-bit.

Thanks in advance.

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It does appear that at this moment in time, it is not possible to build using a 32-bit system. Development tools are currently available for 64-bit: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Building

For development you can run any 64-bit Desktop version of Ubuntu between 12.04 LTS and 13.04.

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is there work going on to support 32-bit build environment please? –  Viveak May 2 '13 at 12:58
@Viveak I'd be lying if I said I knew. –  JoshStrobl May 2 '13 at 13:31

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