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I have recently installed Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit on a Dell 3520 Inspiron. A window pops up quite frequently telling me a system program problem has been detected. Sometimes the pc hangs and the only way out is a hard power off.

I would like to give more info but not sure what to look for. Can someone tell me what log file to look at and what to search for so I can post some more information?

I've done all my updates and the problem persists.

Hope someone can help.


Since updated to 13.04 and window keeps popping up. Is there anyway I can stop the notification of system program problem? It's very annoying.


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instead of hard power off, try this left-ctrl+altgr+printscreen+r left-ctrl+altgr+printscreen+e left-ctrl+altgr+printscreen+i left-ctrl+altgr+printscreen+s left-ctrl+altgr+printscreen+u left-ctrl+altgr+printscreen+b this should reboot your computer if it has a hang This page looks helpful:askubuntu.com/questions/11002/… –  j0h May 2 '13 at 11:39
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