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The ratio of fonts isn't very good in 13.04. I mean when I open a webpage like Facebook which is(in my case) in both language of Persian & English, the font size is smaller for Persian than English, which annoys me. I didn't have this problem in 12.10. And I think the fonts looks worse in 13.04. I should mention I'm using Anki and for operating it well, I did this:

locale-gen en_US

locale-gen en_US.UTF8

I don't know exactly, maybe this has affected my system. But I'd done this in 12.10 and my system fonts was OK. To clarify more I see these problem in my browsers(chromium & firfox much more). For example Goldendict is OK and nothing changed with it. Do you have any suggestion to back my system fonts to default?

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I think the problem caused by fa_IR & fa_IR.utf8. I tried to remove them by sudo locale-gen --purge fa_IR fa_IR.utf8 , but when I type locale -a , I see that they aren't removed !! –  Sina May 2 '13 at 9:57
I can remove it, unfortunately didn't work for me too. How can I change the Persian font to previous one as 12.10 ? –  Sina May 2 '13 at 10:11
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