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Lubuntu 13.04 runs amazing on the Nokia Booklet 3G with a SSD, the only issue I got is the wake up/suspend/hibernate not working properly i.e. the display stays blank or black. Any idea how to fix it? Lubuntu 12.10 had no such issues.\ Thanks a mil.

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Try experimenting the arguments of pm-suspend, for example:

pm-suspend --quirk-radeon-off
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Tried lots of different options myself. In the end updating to a new mainline kernel solved it for me. I updated to kernel 3.11 and so far things are working ok. Disclaimer: something else might break but at least suspend now works super duper fast.

I used this mainline kernel update script from UpUbuntu:

cd /tmp
wget -O kernel-3.11
chmod +x kernel-3.11
sudo sh kernel-3.11
sudo reboot
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