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After following all the steps on how to install Ubuntu [12.04] on a flash drive, i get the error that the usb stick cannot be read. Options are to format, ignore or reject it. Also tried to shutdown and start through the usb-stick, but it didn't appear at the alt/option startup. Am i doing something wrong, or is there an error? Using Snow leopard 10.6.8

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I believe you are getting those options because Snow leopard doesn't recognize the file system on the flash drive. So ignore would be the appropriate choice in that event. Did you safely unmount the flash drive after creation? It's possible it was pulled while still writing. It's also possible that the md5 sum of the ISO you downloaded doesn't match (corrupted download). There are other possibilities as well but these are the first that leap to mind. –  Elder Geek Jun 21 '14 at 17:10

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