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  1. having recently upgraded to Ubuntu 13.04, the screen is shifted upwards thereby making the top menu bar not visible, and a black strip on the bottom. It's as though 13.04 changed the vertical positioning of the image on my flat-panel display. Thoughts?

  2. when bringing my Ubuntu 13.04 desktop out of suspend-mode, the display image (set for the highest 1920x1680 6x9 resolution) cycles upwards (like there is a Hz refresh issue). The only way I can correct this problem is to constantly re-set the display resolution using Ubuntu's "Displays" function via "Systems Settings". Any thoughts as to how to correct this permanently?

I'm using an LG 42" LED TV (model LG 42L4400) as my display.

Is this an Ubuntu 13.04 problem, or a display-specific problem?


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